Following the smash success of last year’s inaugural Trolley Dash, St Johns repeated the madness last Sunday with a day full of jumpsuits, balloons and lots and lots of onions.

Promotion across social media and at the Liverpool freshers fair meant interest in the Trolley Dash was higher than ever this year. No student could turn down the opportunity to get over £150 worth of groceries – including alcohol – for free, and by the entry deadline, applications had more than doubled from the previous year.

It was tough to narrow down the applicants – everyone had their reasons for wanting to take part in the Trolley Dash. Some wanted the food, some wanted the experience, some just thought ‘WHY NOT?’

A difficult elimination process followed, and after a few tough decisions, we found our final three. The centre got in touch and let them know the good news, asking them to provide a picture of themselves and a little biography that could be put up on St Johns’ Facebook page. The winner would be decided by the St Johns shoppers – let the voting begin!

The numbers were close right up to the line, but in the end, our Trolley Dash Champion 2018 was chosen as Megan. A vegan student, she wanted to do the run to get all the food she didn’t have the budget for, and her main focus going into the day was to grab all the veggies she could get. As a keen cook, she was more interested in getting good ingredients than grabbing pre-packaged goods. St Johns loved her enthusiasm, and we knew she’d make it a great day.

Jumpsuit on, goggles in place, a tight grip on the Trolley and Megan was ready to go. The isles of Iceland had no idea what was about to hit them.

View the video below to see how Megan got on 👇