Liverpool’s Love Story with Taylor Swift is underway! And if your Wildest Dreams are coming true and you’re heading to Anfield for the Era’s Tour, we’ve got you covered! Not only that, but we also know All Too Well that not everyone will get to the tour, so we’ve got something for every Swiftie. 

Standing in a nice dress

We want to make sure every Swiftie feels great heading to the Era’s Tour, so we’ve got some tips for getting ready! If you’re looking for a new outfit to look your best, Storm on our Upper Mall has a range of styles so you can get your fashion fix. You can finish off your outfit with help from the likes of Citrus Cosmetics and Beverly Hills Nails for all your hair accessories and nails. 

Invisible String

For Swifities who can’t make it to Anfield, we know there’s still an Invisible String tying you to the tour, so we’re here to help! HMV stocks all the Taylor albums, and with a quick trip to Aldi, you can get all the snacks you need to enjoy a Taylor night with your mates!

Getaway Car

There is no public parking at the stadium, so if you’re heading out, you can park with us, and get the bus, train or taxi all with in a 2-minute walk of the car park. To find out more, head to the parking section of our website.