New Year resolutions are easy to make and we’ve all got good intentions once the tree’s come down, but they can seem hard to keep, especially on a budget.

You don’t have to stretch the post-Christmas spending too far, though, to make a fresh start to 2018 and St Johns has lots of great ideas for you and your home.

Now’s the perfect time to think about giving your favourite room a chic new look, or maybe just creating more space to store all those Christmas and sales buys. And don’t stop at the house, have a little makeover yourself by eating more healthily, doing some more exercise or updating your wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be drastic, or expensive, to make a big difference.

We’ve got some of the best buys in home, fashion and food this New Year and they’re all £15 or less!

When it’s freezing outside, the bedroom has to be the cosiest place in the house and nothing feels nicer than snuggling down under fresh bed linen, does it? A stylish set from Matalan won’t just brighten up the room, it’s a ready-made excuse for an extra hour’s lie-in too! This Matalan double reversible blossom print duvet cover is just £15.

One of the easiest ways to make a change in any room is with a declutter. If you’re fed up of everywhere looking untidy, but you can’t face having a massive clear-out, just find a smart way to store things. More storage can really help free up useful extra space in living rooms and bedrooms – it’s amazing the difference it can make. Wilko has this three-drawer system for £8!

Over-indulging is allowed (it’s almost compulsory) over the Christmas and New Year holidays, but now it’s probably time to step away from the Quality Street, shape up and shift some of those pounds before the big jumpers get put away for spring.

Maybe you’ve just joined a gym, or you’re going back after a break? Either way, having some new gym gear could be an incentive to stick to your exercise plan (or at least help you look the part while you try). New Look has a great range of stylish gym wear whether you’re a beginner or a gym pro. These black mesh sports leggings are only £9.99.

And, there’s no point having the right kit if scruffy trainers let you down. Fashionable trainers can take you from home to the gym and out shopping and they don’t have to cost a fortune. ShooShoo has these grey pompom trainers for £10.

Now’s a good time to start thinking about some new additions to your work wardrobe too. A backpack or large tote is the most fashionable way to carry everything to and from the office this season. No need to ask for a pay rise, a navy Flora & Co tote from Hana’s Boutique is just £15.

While you’re getting fit and looking fabulous on the outside, don’t forget to look after the inside too. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, it can be done on a budget and still taste delicious. Bakchich has signature juices for £3.50 which aren’t just good for you, they could be your Dry January best friend.