The St Johns team made a very special trip to Radio City Cash for Kids’ Mission Christmas drop-off point in Birkenhead last week.

Radio City Cash for Kids has been organising the donations of thousands of gifts to give to underprivileged children as part of their Mission Christmas campaign. St Johns went down to Mission Christmas HQ to give a helping hand and meet the people involved. Centre manager Neil wasn’t fazed, and enjoyed getting stuck in alongside the many volunteers who turn up daily to ensure no child wakes up on Christmas day without a present. “We couldn’t be happier with this result. It’s great to see St Johns shoppers getting involved and giving to such a wonderful charity. ”

Mission Christmas have raised a total of £1, 262, 604 supporting 40,460 children. The association also held two Saturday fundraising at the centre, taking place on the 8th and the 15th of December. This saw full-time members setting up stands around the centre to share valuable information and activities for the children.