After months of speculation, ZIP WORLD, the North Wales adventure business, is excited to announce they will be expanding over the border with their first site outside of Wales. Today, planning has been approved for ZIP WORLD LIVERPOOL, becoming the first permanent urban zip line in the UK and Europe.

Documents were originally submitted to Liverpool City Council Planning Department in December 2019, after 2 years of development. Plans will see customers zipping from the top of the iconic St Johns Beacon, part of the St Johns Shopping Centre, and landing at the top of the historic Liverpool Central Library. Scheduled opening for the attraction will be in summer 2021.

The global adventure tourism market was valued at $586.3bn in 2018, showing the potential this project has to add huge economic value to the city and a much needed boost following the effects of COVID-19. This is an exciting and ambitious project for the adventure company, who are investing Β£5m-Β£6m in the attraction and creating new local full time and part time employment opportunities for Liverpool.

The ZIP WORLD LIVERPOOL design will see two riders dispatched at a time in a sit-down style harness, travelling across the cityscape and it’s a record breaker contender with this adventure set to be the fastest sit down zip line in the world!

ZIP WORLD’S innovative brand and exhilarating adventures has transformed the North Wales economy by contributing Β£251 million in only the first five years of operation. The significant benefits to the region have seen local job creation, increased visitor numbers and increased secondary spend from both UK and international tourists.

This planning approval further reinforces the strong ties the city has to North Wales. Migrants from North Wales would travel to the city looking for work, and in 1815 the city had its own Welsh town. Areas such as Vauxhall, Anfield, Everton, Dingle, and Wavertree were noted for their high migrant populations, and Welsh was the dominant language in these neighbourhoods.

This close affinity is why ZIP WORLD wants to assure the City of Liverpool that they recognise the sensitivity of the heritage assets associated with the plans and they have worked hard to ensure the proposal to Liverpool City Council does not compromise the setting.

Sean Taylor, Founder and President of Zip World comments, “as a former Royal Marine, any memorial to our armed forces is of great significance. We also have a number of Liverpool FC supporters in the team and understand the sensitivity needed around the Hillsborough memorial. In fact, we will not operate on any significant memorial days and are in touch with the relevant parties to ensure we know of all services held in and around the gardens.”

“We have worked tirelessly with our planning team over the last 18-24 months to get the Zip World Liverpool project to this point. We would be honoured to be a part of this incredible city with its history and culture. There is no city like it.”

The support from the Central Library and St Johns Shopping Centre has been incredibly welcome:

Neil Ashcroft, Centre Manager, St Johns Shopping Centre “We are delighted about the positive planning decision taken today. Just this month we launched our brand new strategy for St Johns Shopping Centre, incorporating the four elements of Shop, Eat, Play, Discover.”

“We recognise that over the coming years the centre, and the city, need to innovate and offer new experiences to shoppers and tourists alike. The new Zip World attraction will create interest, bring in new visitors and add a certain wow factor to the area – just what we need right now.”